Some feedback on our Pilates classes


Some other feedback from our wonderful clients over the years

Sophie Baker
Classes are always challenging and enjoyable. Incredible to be able to see and feel the improvements made to your overall strength and flexibility with each passing week. Derek is a great instructor - very patient and knowledgeable. Cannot recommend more highly.

Kate O'Brien
Very impressed with Pilates Konnected. Patient instruction while perfecting your technique and consideration of pre-existing injuries ensures a safe and productive class. The instruction videos are an added bonus reinforcing the correct technique. I highly recommend Pilates Konnected!

Maia Trociuk
Amazing classes!! Definitely a must! Every class is different, challenging and entertaining!! Highly recommended πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼

Bob Stephenson
As an older guy I thought Pilates was for women. My wife convinced me to give it a try as my range of movement was starting to deteriorate. I have been coming to Derek at Pilates Konnected for several months & I cannot believe the improvement. Absolute convert. Give it a try.

Doug Fryer
"After a back injury I suffered pain throughout my body from neck to feet, including damaged nerves and muscle reduction. A back operation reduced the pain but Pilates training has helped enormously. Improved core strength, better posture, stronger neck/leg muscles along with, and most importantly nerve protection. I can now spend time on a boat that was previously very difficult due to nerve damage. My wife also sings Kristina's praise. Her hip bursitis and neck issues have greatly improved, along with better posture and core strength plus plus plus!
Thank you Kristina, we appreciate your attention to detail and looking after us both so well".

Joanne Cinnamond
"I have been going to pilates twice a week since November 2017 and cannot speak more highly of Kristina and her knowledge. I had an issue with my achilles tendons and it was very painful when getting out of bed and when walking. Kristina focused on this issue and I can now happily get out of bed and walk with a smile on my face. I am also feeling so much better in myself and my overall posture and health. Go Kristina!!"

Jacinta Callaghan - Womens Nutritional Doctor
"So many positives to talk about - first of all located in the best part of Paradise Point, with easy parking and access and class times tailored to your availability. The studio is stylish and immaculate with reformer machines placed for ease of use and access.
Kristina at Pilates Konnected shows attention to detail, not just in the presentation or her studios but most importantly to how she teaches Pilates, ensuring that the clients get the best outcomes.
I have had the pleasure and advantage of being able to attend her classes both personal and private for about 18 months now and the changes to posture and body shape have been notable and noticed by others. I am really happy with the positive changes I have been able to achieve with her help".

Lisa Hignett
"Took up pilates on the reformer after an injury, receive the best of training in a small class size that is tailored to my needs, excellent"!

Patty Alford
"Now that I'm a 'senior', I need strengthening exercise more than anything. This studio has been perfect for me. The classes are small and flexible for clients who may have special needs. Kristina is highly skilled as an instructor and has an exceptional rapport with us. She is encouraging yet firm. I know I'm going to get a solid workout here".

Veronica Bestall
"Kristina is so knowledgeable about Pilates and all the health benefits for mind and body! I feel so much stronger and in control of my life with my regular Pilates sessions. Thank you beautiful Kristina!"

Natasha Kolloshe
"Kristina is careful and knowledgeable. The classes have helped with my shoulder rehabilitation and assisted with my posture issues. Feeling my core strength improve quickly. The equipment is first rate and I love the small group size. Highly recommend"

Liz Nielsen
"I have taken part in two of Kristina's online Pilates classes now and both times have come away feeling just like I've worked out in the studio. With such clear instructions and the use of basic equipment you get such an awesome workout. it's a great alternative in a time where our health, fitness and wellbeing goals are being challenged. Thank you!! See you next class"

Karla Fogarty
"I am really missing my reformer classes with Kristina, but I am so lucky that she has online classes which are amazing. I can retain my all my core strength and muscle tone"


Have you always wanted to try Reformer Pilates but worried you won't get the attention you deserve in a big group class setting? Come and try our small group classes at Pilates Konnected. Rest assured you will be safe and well looked after by our amazing Pilates instructors. These classes focus on gently stretching those tight muscles while keeping the tensional integrity in the body.
We will help you gain mastery over your own movements and experience the lasting results of a focused pilates practice. The combination of eccentric and concentric muscle contractions will create that long, lean and toned look while keeping you both flexible and strong .

Reformer Pilates with Video assistance

Come and try our video assisted Reformer Pilates classes at the Paradise Waters studio. If you are a visual learner this will help you to improve your technique much quicker!